Ethnographic films

2002/02 - Daily conversations (duration 51 mn)

The ethnologist is an intermediary between his hosts’ society and our society. For this, he tries to get rid of the things of his own culture, to adapt himself to his hosts’ way of life. The ultimate objective of his work is to share his experience with the society who helped him to have this experience, when he returns to his own country. The purpose of this movie is to dive deeply in the life of a contemporary Amazonian society, as a foreigner can’t observe it at once, but only after a long stay. To show some Yucunas’ speeches and tasks, as they are in the daily life. Because every task is pleasure, or pretext for pleasure, when it is entertained with appropriate speeches.
Subtitles in English, Spanish, French or Japanese. Dialogues : Return home 2 p. ; Cassava 2 p. ; The Grandson 1 p. ;
The visit of Luisa 2 p.; Preparing snuff 8 p ; Break in a shelter 6 p.

2002/08/02 - A Peach Palm Ceremony at Gregorio's Roundhouse (duration 73 mn)

Two days and two nights of dances and chants for the famous Peach Palm Ceremony (esp. ver. baile de chontaduro) in the Comeyafu Community, near La Pedrera. Day and night, guests and hosts exchange their ceremonial dialogues and their coca.

Extended version 213 mn (3 h 33 mn)

2003/07/25 - Felling the trees for Milciades (duration 59 mn)

Milcíades and his two son, Edilberto and Rey invited people to participate in a cooperative work (minga in vernacular spanish) for clearing the land which will be their future garden. During the work itself, sexual jokes abound ...

Subtitles in English, French or Yucuna.

Dialogues : Reception 15 mn 8 p. ; Departure 7 mn 2 p. ; Clearing the forest 26 mn ; 9 p. ; Break 7 mn 4 p. ;
Return 3 mn 2 p.

2009/08/14 - A baptism with vegetable salt at Mario MATAPI's house (duration 11 mn)

Mario, a traditional curandero, chanted an incantation for the baptism and the protection of four of his grandchildren with salt vegetable (yuc. jiwi). After midnight, Mario announced the results of the treatment to the parents. The godfathers performed the ritual gestures of baptism for their young godchildren.

Subtitles in English, French or Yucuna.

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